Embracing New Restaurants in a Stable Market

Contrary to popular belief, most new restaurants successfully make it past their first year, and in fact, the restaurant market is stable—and demand is up for better, more comprehensive coverage. Heidi Strommen, President of ProHost USA, a division of Distinguished Programs, was recently featured in a Rough Notes exclusive on specialty lines markets.

Check out Rough Notes for info on the current pulse of insuring bars and restaurants, which are often product leaders in the hospitality industry. Strommen points to the issues that restaurants face and how working with a program writer that specializes in this niche can offset the risks associated with running a restaurant.

With restaurant-insurance experts ProHost USA, Distinguished is now able to offer a greater menu of coverages for restaurant packages. From fine, family, and fast-casual dining to catering and wine bars, ProHost packages have a wide range of options, including umbrella, property, general and liquor liability, and more.