Hurricane Season Safety Tips

Hurricane season is approaching, and with it, a new reality when storms hit properties in its path. According to a recent report put out by Zurich North America, one of our key carrier partners, despite the overwhelming evidence of a “new normal,” communities are not taking broad action to protect their coastal areas and vulnerable properties and infrastructure. The risks remain high for property owners.

As each new year brings hurricanes with varying degrees of devastation, one thing is clear: the frequency and severity of these storms are becoming a common occurrence. From flooding in places never before flooded, to hurricanes that impacted both cities and farmlands, to the ever-rising sea levels, unified action is needed along the coasts to prepare for future storms.

In Zurich’s extensive report, insights into the history of hurricanes and how best to prepare for the worst is examined.

Since real estate on the coasts is still strong despite the risks, having the right type of insurance is critical, but it should also be used as a last resort. Instead, focusing on what states and communities can do now, together, is key. The question is not if the next storm will hit, but when and where—and how prepared will its community be?