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To help you navigate working with Distinguished, you'll find answers to almost all of your questions on this page. And if you can't find your answer, send us an email, give us a call or contact us through our Live Chat feature.


For portal-based products, many service needs can be easily and immediately taken care of from your Broker Portal account.

For products that aren't available via the portal, you'll find instructions in the sections below that let you know what to do and how to do it.

Access Documents

Through the Broker Portal, you can access documents associated to your portal-based policies with Distinguished. Just go to your portal account dashboard and click on "All Documents". You'll be able to access:

  • Policies
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Completed Applications
  • Cancellation Notices
  • Rescission Notices

For products not on the portal, please reach out to your Underwriter or Sales Executive.

For more detailed instructions:

Document User Guide

Endorsement Requests

You'll be able to get certain endorsement types for portal-based products processed instantly from your Broker Portal account. If an endorsement needs to be reviewed, it will be expedited through the system.

For products not on the portal, reach out to your Underwriter or Sales Executive.

Submit Broker Contact Updates

For your portal-based products, update the policy’s point of contact through the Broker Portal. Go to your dashboard, pull up your policy and change the contact name.

For products not on the portal, contact your Underwriter or Sales Executive.


We want to make your Brokerage Merger or Acquisition process with Distinguished as easy as possible.

Fill out and send the following documents to Compliance@Distinguished.com:

  1. Brokerage Merger/Acquisition Form
  2. Manual Branch Office Registration Form

Finally, complete the registration process and execute our Retail Brokerage Agreement.

For more questions about Brokerage Mergers and Acquisitions, please see our FAQ section below, or contact our compliance department at Compliance@Distinguished.com.

Pay Online

Pay your bill online with an ACH transfer. On your invoice, you'll find a link to process your payment online.

For portal-based products, you'll find invoices in your Broker Portal account "All Documents" section. Use this guide in case you have more questions.

Invoice Document Retrieval Guide


Send payments to:

Distinguished Programs Insurance Brokerage
PO Box 21147
New York, NY 10087-1147



Email your request to DPGClaims@Distinguished.com. Please remember to include:

  • Insured Name
  • Policy Number and Line of Business
  • Insured City, State, ZIP Code
  • Policy Period

If you are not the Broker of Record on this account, please include a Broker of Record letter.

Find Your Balance

View a current account statement for all your portal-based products on your dashboard.

For products not on the portal, contact your Underwriter or Sales Executive.

Reports Tutorial / Accounting Statement


If you didn't find what you need or aren't clear about it, please contact us in Service.

For product or appetite questions, contact your Sales Executive. You can find them HERE.

Any other service related request please contact us at:

e. service@distinguished.com

t. 888-355-4626

Servicing Policies

Need to Make a Policy Change?

Change requests must be made in writing, please email all requests to: service@distinguished.com or to your Underwriter.

Policy change requests should always have the following information:

  • Name Insured
  • Effective Date of Change/Transaction
  • Policy Number

Please email service@distinguished.com and include the above information in the subject line.

In addition, some requests require additional information such as:

Add Mortgagee/Loss Payee

  • Mortgagee Name & Address
  • Location Address(es)

Description of Interest

  • Named Insured/Additional Interest
  • New Interest Name
  • Relationship to First Named Insured
  • Location Address(es)
  • Insurable Interest

Add Location

  • This change request requires a completed application, which you can find within each program section.

Cancellation of Policy

  • Complete Lost Policy Release (LPR) form

Have additional questions about the portal or payment?
See the FAQs below.