Distinguished Umbrella Insurance Policies

Offering a wide range of specialized insurance programs, you'll be able to serve more clients, better.


Real Estate.

From transitional coverages to high-limit umbrellas, you’ll find the specialized real estate insurance your client needs. As pioneers in this market, our expertise and experience are unmatched nationwide


Community Associations.

Find everything you need to get your Community Association clients covered, including guidance and market insight. From package to umbrella, it makes sense to get all your coverages from Distinguished.



With three different hospitality umbrellas to choose from and more, you’ll be able to get almost any type of hotel covered and protected. You’ll have the freedom to go after any hotel client, think of the opportunity.



Unlike a lot of commercial coverages, Restaurants require specific industry expertise. That’s how we’ve been able to build a market-leading program with everything your restaurants will need to get covered, including some less well-known exclusions.