Distinguished Programs and SiriusPoint join forces to launch Construction Professional & Environmental Insurance Program

Distinguished Environmental And Construction Professional

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Are you tired of searching for Construction Professional & Environmental insurance coverage that meets your needs? Don't miss out on the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage. Contact us today to reach an underwriter or learn more about our comprehensive coverage options.



Why Choose Distinguished for Environmental Insurance Coverage?

Introducing Distinguished's Construction Professional & Environmental Insurance Program - a comprehensive solution tailored to protect your business from unique environmental and professional exposures.

  • State-of-the-market policies for unique exposures
  • Nimble, solution-driven underwriting
  • Tailored coverage for unique needs
  • Up to $25 million/$25 million capacity
  • Flexible premium payment options
Express Real Estate Umbrella

In-house underwriting for quick turnaround

Hotel Primary Insurance

In-house claims handling and 24/7 emergency support

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Distinguished Claims Motto:
"Supporting our Insureds every step of the way from claim to resolution."

Claims Philosophy:
At Distinguished, we prioritize our Insureds' needs and provide prompt attention to every claim submitted. Our in-house Claims Team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to addressing environmental, construction, and professional-related claims efficiently and effectively.

Emergency Response:
We partner with Cura to offer 24/7 emergency response services nationwide. Cura handles spill response management, regulatory notifications, waste disposal, and reporting for our Insureds.

Claims/Underwriting Collaboration:
Our Claims Team works closely with underwriters to understand our products and policies and bring real-time insights on emerging risks to help meet our Insureds' changing needs.

Claims Contact:
(844) 388-4040


Contractors Pollution Legal Liability Plus (CPL)

CPL insurance covers environmental liabilities and costs from pollution or indoor contamination.

Contractor’s Pollution & Professional Legal Liability Plus (CPPL)

CPPL protects against environmental and professional liabilities like pollution or indoor contaminant-related costs.

Follow Form Excess Liability Policy

This coverage provides capacity above the underlying primary policy.

Owners Professional Protective Indemnity Plus (OPPI)

Coverage for losses due to acts, errors, omissions, or pollution from subcontracted design or contracting services.

Pollution Legal Liability Plus (PLLP)

Protects against environmental liabilities that are not typically covered by a general liability policy.

Environmental Claims Marketing Sheet

Learn how Distinguished helps supercharge the claims process.

Contractor’s Pollution & Professional Legal Liability Project Highlight Sheet

Distinguished Environmental & Construction Professional Overview

Contractor’s Pollution Claim Scenarios

Lender Liability Claim Scenarios