Hotel Insurance Programs

Specialty hotel insurance programs designed for the hospitality industry.

Hotel Insurance Coverage For All Your Hotel Clients

With a solution in just about any hotel class – select-service, luxury, resorts, casinos, and everything in between –  we can help you specialize in the hotel market.

As one of the longest-running hotel insurance program in the US, we cover over 20% of all hotel rooms in the nation. Rely on our focused industry expertise to better serve all your hotel insurance accounts.


  • Select-Service
  • Midscale
  • Full-Service
  • Luxury
  • Resorts with Amenities
  • Casinos

Both franchised and independently operated hotels are eligible for hotel insurance programs.


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Express Hotel Insurance Umbrella.

This Hotel Umbrella coverage is the perfect fit for your well-maintained select-service and midscale hotel clients. With limits up to $105M and a simple submit process via our online portal, you'll be able to provide convenience and outstanding value.

Distinguished Hotel Insurance Umbrella.

Designed for your full-service and luxury hotels with some of the highest limits available, up to $170M. All admitted carriers and expert underwriters, we'll ensure the process is smooth and efficient.

Hotels Program
Resort Umbrella

Distinguished Resort Umbrella.

Designed for resorts with amenities, the Resort Umbrella Insurance provides high-limit protection for properties that need it the most.

Distinguished Casino Umbrella.

Some of the biggest names in gaming rely on our Casino Umbrella Insurance coverage to protect their businesses.

Casino Umbrella
City Clubs Umbrella

Distinguished City Clubs Umbrella.

City Clubs are private membership clubs in the city, such as university alumni clubs. With unique needs and risks, our Umbrellas protect this niche market.

Cyber Liability Insurance.

Cyber attacks are one of the fastest-growing crimes out there, with the hospitality industry a prime target. Get your hotel clients protected against the real risk of cyber threats with market-leading coverage.

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Group @ X

Hotel Primary Insurance Program.

You'll be able to protect your luxury, full-service and resort hotel clients with General Liability and Property insurance. Designed by industry experts, no exclusions for Legionella and services including Crisis Response and Ordinance or Law A, B, and C.

Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Not all Workers' Compensation programs are created equally. Round out your clients coverage with Work Comp that includes the value-added HR OnDemand resource.

Real Estate Program


Hotel Program Overview

Discover all the ways we can help cover your different hotel clients.

Hotel Liability Insurance

Provide your midscale hotel clients a specialized one-stop-shop experience.

Distinguished Programs One Page Overview

Specialized Insurance for Real Estate, Community Associations, Hotels and Restaurants.

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