We’ve Secured an International Stevie Award for Customer Service!

And the award goes to . . . (please note there will be no Oscar-type snafu here)—Distinguished Programs! It’s official: We received the Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year.

But wait, there’s more.

Distinguished Programs also received the 2017 Stevie’s People’s Choice Award for Favorite Customer Service. We’re beyond honored and would like to express our thanks, gratitude and cheers to everyone who helped make this possible.

We’ve Secured An International Stevie Award For Customer Service!          We’ve Secured An International Stevie Award For Customer Service!
“I am thrilled that this team can be publicly recognized. Not only did they get noticed by a group of independent judges, but their peers and customers recognized them as the best,” said Shaun Sharp, Senior Vice President of the Customer Engagement Team. Upon hearing the news of the team’s two achievements, Helen English, President of the Distinguished Programs’ Express Division noted, “There is nothing quite as thrilling as seeing something you built truly add value, be recognized, and benefit so many!”

A special thank you goes out to our entire Customer Engagement Team who are the rock-stars that put Distinguished Programs on the Stevie map this year! Thanks are also due to our valued clients who took the time to recognize us. We are beyond pleased that we’re providing the service you deserve and value. It’s great to be acknowledged, but it’s even better to know that we’re meeting your expectations for stellar service. We endeavor to continue discovering and implementing ways to improve your service experience.

Our Silver Stevie is in the Financial Services category for companies with more than one hundred employees. Finalists were then entered in the Stevie People’s Choice category, which consists of a three-week-long voting process. We were crowned the winner in this worldwide competition which tallied more than 149,000 votes!

The Stevie Awards are the premier business awards that recognize the achievements and positive contributions of companies across the globe. The awards circuit began in 2002, and garnering a Stevie has fast become one of the business world’s most coveted titles. Distinguished Programs accepts this honor with pleasure.

Cool fact? The award is called a Stevie (from Stephen) which is Greek for “crowned.” This is one crown that we’re happy to wear!

The full press release for the Stevie Award can be found on our website.