Hotel Security Cameras: Now You See Me

Caught on Tape! (Or not)

Now, Kim Kardashian West may not be renting one of your suites next month or booking a room at your hotel anytime soon, but her recent robbery is an example of lax security measures that resulted in a successful crime. This reality star diva was robbed at gunpoint, tied up, gagged, and locked in her hotel room bathroom while five masked gunman (dressed as police officers) stole $10 million in jewelry.

The Parisian hotel she was staying at? NO security cameras and one person working concierge.

Hotels nationwide, we can do better. And not just for the Kardashians.

Criminals like the ones who targeted this celebrity put hotel guests, and therefore the hotel, at risk. Rather than waiting to react until after an incident occurs (and hopefully does not make headlines), hotels can take steps to improve security before a crime is committed. Measures instituted after a lawsuit is filed will typically not amount to a hill of beans in court.

Comprehensive security can guard against all sorts of incidents:

  • Visible cameras in the parking lot will deter theft and provide evidence if a crime is committed.
  • Cameras in the hotel’s public spaces can also help prevent assaults if guests and staff know they are being videotaped.
  •  How does this monitoring make an impact? It can offer guests a feeling of security, whether the cameras are being viewed in real-time or simply recording the foot traffic.
  • Accidents happen (or claim to have happened), so in areas that are unattended, like pools, fitness rooms, entrances and exits, and parking garages, it’s recommended to evaluate the digital security.
  • Recorded footage will also be able to protect a hotel from a fraudulent slip-and-fall claim.
  • There’s the unfortunate issue of Peeping Tom’s and a hotels’ responsibility to protect its guests against these types of assaults. When reviewing your hotel’s security features, it is recommended to do routine sweeps to make sure a rogue guest has not altered the hotel rooms for lewd purposes.
  • If there is a child-watch room, a video cam that parents can monitor from their own phones or from a display at the front desk is a great customer service tool. Plus,it’s awesome protection from child-abuse claims.

Keeping guests safe is good business, and if something should happen – whether it’s a theft or an assault or an accident – having the backup footage will be invaluable. For Kim K, the hotel has come up empty on that front. For your hotel? Now may be the time to develop a stronger security plan and implement measures that will increase the safety of hotel guests and staff all around.