Claim Story – Even the Best Intentions can Lead to Bitter Disputes

We know that it’s essential for you to have the tools you need to show your customers the importance of proper D&O coverage for their community association.  We also know that nothing makes that point clearer than a real-world claim illustrating how even the best intentions can lead to dispute and disaster.

As a person responsible for making decisions on behalf of his community association, Frank Cooke aimed to have the best intentions in mind. But when he and his fellow board members needed to make a decision on behalf of the community regarding safety measures, he managed to create a conflict with the wrong association member who felt her suggestion was not being taken seriously. A few weeks after the meeting he was served a summons and complaint filed by the disgruntled association member. She claimed that Mr. Cooke undermined her contribution to the community meeting by forcing a decision before all the facts could be discussed.

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Claim Story – Even The Best Intentions Can Lead To Bitter Disputes

Kyle Hyla
D&O and Crime Program Manager