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IBANY Awards

Distinguished Programs has always been a strong supporter of professional development.  Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting your career in insurance, there are amazing opportunities for continual growth.

Last night two of our Distinguished colleagues brought home the “gold.”  Congratulations to Connor Clemmer, who was awarded the IBANY 2018 Emerging Leader Award, and Mamadou Bah, who received the 2018 Education Award.  We are so proud to work with such determined, diligent, and accomplished individuals!

Ibany Awards

Connor Clemmer
Distinguished Programs

Hometown: Marlborough, NY
Education: BA in Business Administration from SUNY Albany
Chief Mentors: Mark Euiler & Albert Leung

Thank you, Distinguished Programs and IBANY, for designating me as a 2018 Emerging Leader.

A common narrative within the insurance industry is how very few of us set out with the intention of entering this business. Individual journeys are often a series of serendipitous circumstances that lead into this dynamic, thriving field. For me, a happenstance summer internship at Distinguished turned into a full-time position post-graduation.

At Distinguished, I discovered, to my surprise, that insurance can be a truly dynamic and vibrant arena. I was presented with the unique opportunity to be part of a collaborative, engaging environment. In this environment, one can bring forth new ideas to challenge the status quo and strive for persistent improvement. I saw a chance to help reform the business’s operational structure and positively affect our customers’ experience.

My career started within the underwriting and service department. It is empowering to be in the role of a solution provider for customers’ needs. I worked toward establishing a wide range of product knowledge across several of our niche real estate programs. I have recently changed roles, shifting my attention toward program management and development. In this position, I am tasked with implementing different sets of solutions for our customers, as well as focusing on overall program growth and further enhancements to our offerings.

As I look toward the future, I am excited about the continued evolution of the industry at large, which appears ripe with opportunity for growth and development overall. I strive to continuously learn and test myself so I am in the position to thrive in the shifting landscape.

Thanks again to Distinguished and IBANY for recognizing me. I am humbled by the honor.