From the Claim Files: Crisis Response and Legionella

The Claim: Three victims contracted legionnaires disease after a stay at a 62 room resort in North Carolina. Even before testing confirmed that the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease, legionella, was present in the hotel’s hot tub, the story was reported to the CDC, several news channels, and other media outlets. The hotel shut down it’s hot tub, and notified more than 1000 guests who had stayed with them during a one month period. All of this even before their hot tub was confirmed as the source of the disease.

From The Claim Files: Crisis Response And Legionella

The Coverage: Crisis Response Coverage, available as an endorsement on some umbrella policies, offers coverage for events such as these. This coverage would provide support for public relations to assist in the damage to the property’s brand, as well as support for the notification of other potential victims, temporary housing, counseling services, and even funeral expenses in the unfortunate event that they are needed. Read more about Crisis Response Coverage and legionella on our website.