Are Your Clients Covered for a Hotel Security Breach?

Are Your Clients Covered For A Hotel Security Breach?

Hyatt reported earlier this year that the hotel chain suffered a massive data breach that affected about 250 of their hotels in 50 countries over the course of almost four months. Ouch. This Reuters article shows that this type of incident is becoming all too common in the hospitality industry, with Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., and Trump Hotel Collection all disclosing cyber attacks since November 2015.

Which begs the question: Are your clients covered for this type of hotel security breach? Hyatt’s compromised data included customer credit-card information collected in the restaurants, spas, golf clubs, parking facilities, and at the front desk—point-of-sale exposures where the individual hotels could be held accountable. If ever there were a time to invest in cyber liability coverage, this is it.

Are Your Clients Covered For A Hotel Security Breach?

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