You Asked, We Listened

Our customers hold the keys to our success. That’s one thing we’re sure of as we set our course for the future. We are confident that the constant improvement of our customers’ experience will prove to be a powerful value differentiator. Recently, we have started our journey to ask, listen, and act on feedback about how we can improve our products and customer service. Here are some recent examples of how we are acting on this feedback:

  • Our HLI Umbrella Product for hotels, restaurants and real estate led by Katherine Damon will no longer adjust premiums for auto changes during the policy term. You can reach Katherine at (516) 986-5083 to learn more about this industry-leading umbrella program.
  • Distinguished will no longer require multiple broker agreements for our two divisions, Express and Specialty. Our operations team has created a single broker agreement and redesigned our web-based registration signup to be more streamlined and pre-fill many of the requested fields.
  • Our monthly newsletter has been reconfigured to include more industry-focused news, risk-management tips and bulletins, recent success stories, and links to trending content on this blog.

We always welcome our customers’ feedback and suggestions for product improvements. Please send us feedback at And continue to watch this space as we reveal more changes that stem from our helpful customer input.