Water Auditing to Assess Water Usage on Your Grounds

What if every time you filled a glass of water you threw half of it in your boss’s face? Well, that’d be bad! But that is kinda what happens with most landscaping water systems.

Half the water that is being used to sustain the grounds around your building is being wasted. That’s straight from the horse’s mouth—the EPA, that is. Community associations and other management looking to increase water conservation can target their landscaping areas as an integral place to conserve.

We offer some handy tips below to better manage your water usage. The EPA’s Watersense program has helped save 1.1 trillion gallons of water (that’s $21.7 billion in savings!) Hey, it’s also a great excuse to talk a walk around the grounds and get a little fresh air!

Tips for Managing Your Water Consumption:

Water Less; Mulch More. Experiment by reducing the amount of water used to see how the lawns and landscaping manages. You may be surprised to see that it needs less than you’re giving! Likewise, making sure the 3-inch layer of mulch is replenished annual will help retain that moisture.

Water Auditing To Assess Water Usage On Your Grounds

Curious about calculating your water footprint? Then check out this tool to determine your water usage here.

Manage the Sprinklers. Water is often wasted when sprinklers are turned the wrong way. Make sure that the water pressure is good so that misty streams don’t evaporate away. Look for leaks and make repairs.

Use Quality Products. Investing in WaterSense-certified products and “smart” irrigation controllers can go a long way to help defray costs and save water.

The EPA offers a practical water budget tool that helps you determine exactly how much water your grounds need. Whether it’s for a community association, hotel, or apartment building, every little bit makes a difference.