It’s a no-brainer: Water=Life. We need it, we use it, but we have to conserve it better. Commercial and residential buildings can have a huge impact on water conservation with just a handful of low-cost or no-cost water solutions. We highlighted some go-to fixes and changes you can make immediately to start saving.

Make Meters and Irrigation Your Number-One Priorities:

Hands down, you should meter irrigation separately. By installing a separate meter for irrigation, your building can see significant savings in the sewer bill.

Likewise, a separate meter for the cooling tower is another easy fix. By installing a separate meter here you will be able to track usage, as with a separate irrigation meter, and reduce sewer bill expenses.

Managing irrigation is essential. Are you setting back your irrigation system seasonally? Can you reduce the amount of time it’s being used during the high season? Even by 10 minutes a day? A rain or soil sensor can also help to defray costs. Make sure to inspect that irrigation system for leaks as well.

Make Some Small Changes

Old toilet flush valves got you down? Hello! Replacing those pre-1992 valves will save you tons of water. Even replacing newer ones can significantly impact water consumption. Go for some low-flow flushes in your commercial or residential property.

Change faucet aerators for a cheap fix. It will be a worthy $2 to spend. With a little higher budget, install touch-free faucets or water-free urinals. All of these and more will go a log way in reducing water consumption, helping both the environment and your wallet.

For more details on each fix check out this GreenBiz article by Tommy Linstroth, which inspired us.

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