Trees Are the New Hotel

It’s a tree. It’s a house.

It’s a booked-from-your-phone luxury treehouse!

There are a few fun factors at play here. Sustainability, luxury, and creativity all work together to create one of the hospitality industry’s coolest offerings: top-of-the-line treehouses.

No matter the destination, wood and bark constructions are popping up for travelers in search of an experience often reserved for the birds.

Replete with electricity (often solar-generated), eco-friendly bathrooms, and sometimes an infinity pool and a well-stocked fridge, today’s luxury treehouse hotels offer the seclusion and comfort of the natural world against soft pillows and sleek sheets.

Some treehouse hotels include adventure, like the Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica, which requires visitors to travel to its rainforest location via a day-long rafting ride. The reward at the end of the river ride? Opulent offerings of different bungalows and treehouse options, a high-end restaurant, and wildlife programs.

The design elements of these treehouses are also a huge draw for travelers. With architects working around trunks and branches and high elevations, the task of creating a gorgeous yet safe structure becomes a work of art in itself.

For Americans looking for a continental treehouse stay, maybe a romantic surprise weekend, every state can accommodate! Winvian Farm in Litchfield, CT, offers a two-story treehouse, fully equipped with fireplaces, Jacuzzis, and more, like private yoga sessions and a personal chef.

The hospitality industry is always evolving, and guests that check in for a traditional week at a hotel may opt for a day trip to a treehouse. With eco-tourism continuing to grow, these sturdy old trees are not only providing a natural necessity for life on this planet, but a unique place for people to rest between travels.

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