Snow Shoveling Tips: The $15,000 Reason to Shovel Your Sidewalk

If you live in a location where you’re prone to having cold winters (is anyone right now?!), then you’re aware of the risks winter weather can bring. Snow and ice create lovely landscapes and prime ice-skating conditions—but they also can lead to unfortunate falls. And multiple incidents can add up, leaving property owners liable for overwhelming costs. Accident studies indicate that almost 80 percent of slips and falls resulting from slippery conditions occur in parking lots or on sidewalks. 

During the colder months, Distinguished gets tons of claims related to snow and ice accidents. We’ve seen it all—from minor injuries to major accidents where the claimant is left paralyzed. Needless to say, It is important for property owners to make a habit out of clearing their sidewalks of snow and ice following a winter storm. Neglecting to do so can result in property owners being found liable for accidents. In some cities, governments fine property owners who don’t clear their sidewalks.

Distinguished is here to help your property owner clients to maintain their sidewalks and protect themselves from liability—and their tenants from preventable accidents. Consider the following snow shoveling tips: 

  • Shovel your area within a few hours of snowfall
  • Salt everywhere
  • Given the chance someone actually falls on the property despite it being shoveled and salted, we recommend documenting your attempts to clear the area to make the claim process more efficient. Keep records of the estimated time you shoveled, and take pictures of your shoveled sidewalk.