What is a Brownstone Home?

What Is A Brownstone Home? If you were hip enough to appreciate the hipster influence on urban vacations in part 3 of our Urban Risk series, Boutique Hotels, you’ll really love this fourth and final risk class from the urban landscape, Brownstones and City Homes. Brownstones and City homes may be the most recognizable and timeless for fans of Oscar the Grouch to Claire Huxtable, and Carrie Bradshaw. These homes have been featured in all forms of media, and are a quintessential part of the urban landscape.

Brownstones and City Homes: Brownstones and small urban homes have been around since the early 19th century, and exist in more than just the fancy parts of New York City.

Lined up in neat rows, with tidy raised entrances, brownstones are part of the landscape that we associate with city living. And while these buildings are constantly in high demand for buyers, they can suffer from a lack of the specialized insurance knowledge needed to properly protect them. There are roughly 120,000 Brownstones in NYC alone, creating a real opportunity and demand for specialists. So whether it’s New York’s Brownstones, Chicago’s Greystones, or the small urban residences in Philly’s Rittenhouse Square, consider being the insurance guru of urban living!

From the luxury condos of ‘Billionaire’s Row’ to the Guggenheim, take another look at your agencies’ newest clients. Becoming a specialist in any these 4 urban risks will help you stand out amongst and help you reach the top of the competition. Get your name out there and have property managers begging for business. If these risks weren’t in your business plans for 2015, start digging!

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