A Strong Wind Is on the Way

As Bob Dylan says, “A hard rain is gonna fall…” and with it this weekend, a strong wind is gonna blow! The greater New York area is bracing for wind gusts up to 70 mph Friday, according to the National Weather Service, not to mention a coastal flood advisory through Saturday.

Are you ready? Doing a quick property sweep could help protect your building from severe wind damage. Property owners, managers, and residents can assess the areas around their property and:

  • Move unsecured objects. Wind can launch garbage cans, yard debris, and tree limbs into a window or nearby car.
  • Anchor unsafe items. Make sure gas grills and propane tanks won’t cause a problem. Weigh them down or move them.
  • Bring lightweight objects inside. Shovels, empty salt buckets, and anything left out like that old Christmas tree or outdoor furniture should be moved.
  • Secure construction sites. Make sure any scaffolding or sidewalk sheds are secured.

In case of a flooding, have a bag ready if you have to evacuate. Mapping out the safest route to use in an evacuation is recommended, as well as keeping informed with NYC alerts through sources such as NYC.gov/NotifyNYC or by dialing 311.