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Rug Choices Can Carpet the Way to a Cleaner Earth

Recycling your old carpeting—it’s a thing! The next time your hotel, apartment building, or community association is looking to re-carpet, do a little carpet research before making the plunge with a new carpet company.

Find a facility that recycles

Recycling the old carpeting lets your customers know that you value green solutions. You can feel good about not adding to landfills and can benefit from turning your old carpet into something repurposed, like ceiling tiles or wallboard.

The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) has helped divert a whopping 3.6 billion pounds of carpet from landfills. CARE offers a map of carpet reclamation collectors.

Purchase new, recycled carpeting

Eco-friendly carpeting is gaining traction as many hotels and building owners opt for sustainable choices. Traditional carpeting is typically produced with synthetic, petroleum-based fibers that are treated with stain-resistant chemicals. Likewise, carpet pads and adhesives can contain these off-gassing elements as well, which enter the surrounding air, creating indoor air pollution.

When purchasing new carpets, make sure it has a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval or Green Label to ensure it is environmentally healthy.

Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning the carpet, choices abound for environmentally safe cleaning solutions. Taking a stand for the environment is not only a worthy choice for an organization to make, but it’s one that more and more people are gravitating toward.

Hotels, apartments, and community associations can all benefit from eco-forward thinking about the very thing under our feet. The next time you’re walking on the carpet, take a moment to consider the source.