Processing Endorsements on the Portal

You can submit endorsement requests through the Broker Portal. Several endorsement types can be instantly processed and applied to your account(s). Others will be sent to the appropriate team for expedited review. Follow these steps to process an endorsement or update the policy’s point of contact on the Broker Portal.

Step 1: Log in to the Broker Portal.

Step 2: Go to the Broker Portal Dashboard.

Processing Endorsements On The Portal

Step 3: Click the magnifying glass to search for your Submission or Policy.

Processing Endorsements On The Portal

Step 4: Click New Endorsement and select Endorse.

Processing Endorsements On The Portal

Step 5: Select Endorsement Type.

a. The Endorsement Types listed will allow you to make changes instantly on the account.

b. If Other is selected from the dropdown menu, choose the Endorsement Transaction Sub-type. Your
endorsement request will be sent to our team for expedited review and processing

Processing Endorsements On The Portal

Step 6: Complete your change or request.

a. Update the information and click Automated Bind & Issue, when available. Your endorsement will be
completed, and a confirmation will be emailed to you.

b. For Other endorsement requests, confirm the Effective Date and include details of the change for the
underwriter. Submit the endorsement for review. You will see an on-screen confirmation and receive
an email receipt.

c. Please be advised that coverage cannot be considered amended until written confirmation is
received from our office. If you do not receive correspondence from our office within 48 hours,
please contact us.

Processing Endorsements On The Portal

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