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Most hotels are not the Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons. They do not have golf resorts, spas, or flashy amenities you see on social media.

In fact, around 70% of hotels in America fall outside the luxury or high-end scales altogether, offering more basic amenities and comforts to their guests. These kinds of hotels do not have the same liability risks their larger cousins do, so it’s important that they get a hotel umbrella insurance policy that reflects that.

That’s why we created Distinguished’s Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance. With limits up to $105 million, a reliable program history, and the convenience of online submission, our Express Umbrella is perfect for limited and select service hotels. 

Plus, our Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance has high-limit towers that are already built, meaning there’s no need to shop around at multiple carriers to build the coverage your clients need. 

Interested in getting started? Register your brokerage and apply for a quote online today or read on to learn more about what Distinguished’s Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance has to offer you and your clients. 

What is Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance?

Hotel umbrella insurance is a type of liability coverage that goes above and beyond a standard policy’s limits, providing additional protection for hotel owners in the event of costly claims or lawsuits. This coverage kicks in when the underlying policy’s limits are exhausted, ensuring hotel owners are adequately protected against potentially significant financial losses.

Our Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance is designed to provide this kind of additional liability coverage commonly required by select service and limited service hotel clients. Key features of this program include:

  • Online submission: Brokers can submit business 24/7 through our convenient Online Portal.
  • Limits up to $105M: Our policies are available in increments to suit each client’s unique needs.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This program has been built from the ground up specifically for hotels with limited amenities so we can meet their unique coverage needs. 

In essence, Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance is a convenient and broad liability coverage solution specifically designed for select or limited-service hotel clients.

Why Do Hotels Need Additional Liability Coverage?

Many hospitality clients initially want liability insurance because they have a basic legal requirement they need to satisfy. However, just because they’re required to hold a basic liability policy doesn’t mean that the required policy limit is sufficient for their exposure level. 

Even smaller hotels can be hit with large liability bills. For instance, a hotel in Miami was held liable for $16 million of damages due to a guest being attacked on their premises. 

If your clients are still wondering if they truly need an additional umbrella policy on top of their underlying primary policies, here are just a few reasons that could convince them:

  • Protects against costly claims and lawsuits: Hotels can be held liable for a variety of incidents, including slips and falls or accidents on the premises. Additional liability coverage helps protect hotel owners in cases where large bills or numerous claims eat away at their standard coverage.
  • Upholds the hotel’s reputation: Negative publicity stemming from incidents or legal disputes can severely impact a hotel’s reputation. Liability coverage helps protect the hotel’s image by providing the resources to address claims swiftly and effectively.
  • Provides peace of mind: Hotel owners can focus on growing their businesses and providing exceptional guest experiences when they know they have adequate liability coverage in place. It offers a sense of security, knowing they are prepared for the unexpected.
  • Ensures compliance with legal and franchise requirements: Whether due to local law or franchise agreements, many hotels will need to carry a certain amount of liability insurance. Having adequate coverage ensures hotel owners meet these requirements and avoid potential fines or penalties.

Not sure if your client needs more liability coverage for their hotel property? Take a look at our Hotel Insurance eBook to learn more about how to ask your clients the right questions to understand their exposure levels.

What Situations Would the Express Hotel Umbrella Help Cover?

While hotels strive to maintain safe and secure environments for their guests and employees, accidents can still happen. Our Express Hotel Umbrella program is well-equipped to address these risks, helping to safeguard your clients’ businesses from potential financial losses. 

Here are just a couple of exposures where having a hotel umbrella policy can protect your client:

  • Legionella: Covers the financial consequences of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak, including medical expenses, legal fees, and potential compensation for affected individuals.
  • Human Trafficking: Offers financial protection against claims arising from human trafficking incidents, helping your clients manage the financial and legal ramifications.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Covers the costs associated with claims related to carbon monoxide exposure, such as medical expenses, legal fees, and potential compensations.
  • Slips and Falls: Provides additional coverage for liability claims in case someone slips and hurts themselves on the premises.
  • Assault and Battery: Offers financial protection against claims arising from cases of assault or battery, helping to cover legal fees, settlements, and other related expenses.
  • Liquor Liability: Provides coverage for liquor liability claims, protecting your clients from the financial fallout of alcohol-related incidents.
  • Auto Liability: Covers auto liability claims related to owned vehicles used for hotel operations, such as shuttle services.

What Are the Benefits of Distinguished’s Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance?

Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance offers several benefits that make it a preferred choice for both brokers and their hotel clients. These advantages include:

  • Convenient online submission: Our online submission process saves you time and simplifies access to coverage.
  • Expertise: We’ve seen everything in this industry, so we can offer your clients expert underwriting and the coverage they need.
  • Stability: One of the hardest things for brokers is to have a program go under and leave your clients without coverage. Distinguished has been offering this program for a long time and will continue to do so for many years to come.
  • Robust coverages: Comprehensive protection for a wide range of exposures, including legionella, human trafficking, carbon monoxide poisoning, slips and falls, assault and battery, liquor liability, and auto liability.
  • Efficient: Since our limits are already built, you don’t need to contact multiple carriers to build an umbrella policy. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

These benefits make Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance an attractive and reliable option for insurance brokers looking to offer their hotel clients the best possible coverage while streamlining their own processes.

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Distinguished Express Hotel Umbrella FAQs

In which states is this insurance available? 

We offer our Express Hotel Umbrella insurance in all 50 states.

What is your carrier rating?

Our carrier rating has been evaluated by A.M. Best and received a rating of A or better. 

What other hotel insurance options do you offer?

If our Express Hotel Umbrella product isn’t a fit, we also offer a higher limit Hotel Umbrella offering with limits up to $170M. In addition, we also offer both Primary Coverage and Cyber Liability.

What if my client needs higher limits? 

Our Hotel Umbrella might be a better fit. Learn more about that program here. 

Who should I talk to if I have questions?

Questions about our Express Hotel Umbrella Insurance can be directed to

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