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Internet Usage Trends in the Age of Quarantine

According to OpenVault’s Broadband Insights Report for the first quarter of 2020, average broadband consumption was 47% higher than the same time last year. Internet and social media usage have certainly been a way for people to remain in the know while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. But how has the increase in consumption inspired those in the insurance industry to recalculate their sales approaches?

Driving Sales Online: Now and in the Future

In a Property/Casualty Insurance Industry Coronavirus Survey conducted by Wells Media Group, 62% of survey takers deemed the acceleration of technology to be the top priority post-COVID-19. And while generating sales is still important during quarantine, technology can be used to maintain strong relationships with current customers by informing and even presenting additional packages to insureds.

Lead the Way to Your Website Through Social Media

How can social media lead to sales? Think of it as a way of sharing what you hope current and potential customers will find on your website. Have you recently posted a blog about why restaurant insurance is more necessary than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic? Post the highlights and link the article on your social media channels. With an increase in eyeballs viewing digital content regularly, social media can be used as a sneaky way to “trail” readers to your insurance packages. 

As an industry that frequently operates off of face-to-face interaction to drive sales, the idea of reaching out to prospective clients via social media, online advertising, or a cold call may feel pretty strange. In fact, a McKinsey COVID-19 US Insurance Agent Pulse Survey revealed that almost 50 percent of agents found remotely building new customer relationships to be the biggest challenge during COVID-19. However, there are still sales to be made, and the increase in social media and internet usage makes hopping on the digital marketing train a no-brainer.

Update Your “Everything We Sell” Sheet

Sitting down with potential customers and discussing your agency’s products over lunch is a great way to highlight what you have and why they need it. To follow social distancing guidelines, it’s now necessary to find a way to creatively convey a similar presentation online. If you have not touched base with your insureds in a while, it’s entirely possible that they are unaware of additional packages your agency offers. Consider curating an “everything we sell” sheet in the form of a website homepage banner or social media post.

As consumers increase their internet and social media usage during quarantine to aid in work and play, the bottom line is that a new method of generating leads online has been presented to insurance professionals. Through trial and error, a concrete integrated marketing strategy can be implemented to highlight your services online now and in a post-COVID-19 world.