Industries Work Together Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the United States, it seems that every hour brings more bad news. If there is hope to be found amidst the coronavirus chaos, however, it’s present in the fact that individuals across industries are using their skills and resources to care for one another.

Hotels are Converting Rooms for Patients and Medical Staff

With travel at a near-standstill, hotels across the world have gotten creative to make the most out of their empty rooms. Several hotels have begun to re-purpose beds for medical use, a practice which has been a major help in areas where COLD-19 patients have overwhelmed the existing hospital system. Some hospitality management companies have even developed online platforms where hoteliers can list beds and buildings that are available to alleviate stress on local health systems.

Some hotels are offering their space to high-risk populations, as well as those who need to self-isolate and are well enough to do so outside of a medical environment. Others still are offering up their empty hotel rooms to frontline healthcare workers for free. Because doctors and nurses are exposed to patients daily, many want to self-isolate in their off-hours in order to limit spread of the disease.

Schools in Hard-Struck Areas are Stepping up for Patients

With coursework going online and students moving out for the semester, universities in virus hotspots are taking an approach similar to hotels: empty dorm rooms are being offered up for medical use as local hospitals become overwhelmed with cases. One of the most prominent examples of this is in New York, which currently has more COVID-19 cases than any country outside of the United States, where New York University has offered up their dorms as needed.

Hotels and Restaurants are Working to Keep Kids Fed

With school out, hunger is a major concern for the many kids who rely on free or reduced-price lunches as their main source of nutrition. According to Billy Shore, the executive of No Kid Hungry, an estimated one in seven children across the United States lives in hunger. Thankfully, local and chain restaurants alike have teamed up to provide children with free meals throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Some hotels are also working to ensure that no child goes without food to eat. For example, Ocean House Management’s iconic properties have dedicated their Forbes Five-Star culinary teams to preparing meals for children in the community three days a week. The Management Company has also set up a $20,000 charitable fund to support local organizations working to end food insecurity.