Ice Hotels, the Coolest Winter Accommodations

Ice hotels are one of the hottest, excuse me, coolest things going this winter.

Pair them with ice castles, ice-themed festivals, and maybe even a drink sipped out of an ice goblet, and travelers are in for a weekend of chilled-fun offerings. Ice hotels are popping up all over the globe and offer guests an unforgettable hotel stay. Hotel providers nearby may want to take notice for any overflow guests or guests who decide that their sleeping bag on a slab of ice just isn’t doing the trick.

A few hours north of New York City, the Hotel de Glace offers a once-in-a-lifetime-experience just minutes from downtown Quebec. This ice hotel is built every December for guests to enjoy from January through March. The walls are carved with designs throughout, and other amenities include a slippery ice slide, a restaurant and icy cool bar, and even an ornately detailed wedding chapel. Beds have sleeping bags and blankets, and when paired with thermals, make for a cozy night’s sleep.

For guests who want a couple hours in an icy wonderland but not an overnight adventure, ice castles offer the beauty of man-made icicles near fully heated hotels. Spanning locations in Alberta, Canada, Utah, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New Hampshire, these 25-million-pound ice castles draw guests near and far. You never know where the next ice castle may pop up… before it melts for spring.