A Closer Look into Primary Hotel Insurance Benefits

Distinguished has been in the hotel insurance business a long time, protecting more than one million of the nation’s hotel rooms with our Umbrella Program. Over the years, we’ve added General Liability (GL), Commercial Auto, and Cyber Liability to our product lines to address and respond to the various exposures hotels face. Now hotel insurance coverage is available through our Hotel Primary Program, further facilitating the placement of coverage for your hotel clients. You can partner with an expert who understands the industry and help you drive more agency growth.

With our Hotel Primary Program, you can offer General Liability and Property insurance coverage with several key features that distinguish you in the marketplace. Our focus is midscale, boutique, luxury, and resort hotels.

Under Our General Liability Policy

Our GL policy includes several value-added coverages important to the hotel industry. Among them is the inclusion of Liquor Liability within the General Liability limits provided. Losses related to Legionella can be covered, an exposure often excluded in many policies. Hotels and resorts, between 2015 and 2019, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), accounted for 34% of outbreaks, with the majority of them originating in hot tubs (70%) versus pools. Cooling towers, showers, spas, and decorative fountains are also sources for Legionella to grow and spread.

Catastrophe Management coverage is also available under the GL policy, critical in protecting a hotel’s reputation by getting the right messaging out to the press, employees, vendors and public in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Coverage is available up to $250,000 to pay costs to help navigate how to best address a catastrophe management event including the timing and content of the messaging. This can also help with messaging for employee counseling and other crisis-management issues following a loss.

Inside Our Commercial Property Coverage

In addition to providing Spoilage, Pollutant Cleanup and Removal, Ordinance or Law (A, B, C), and Business Income insurance among other key Property coverages, we also offer several unique features and available enhancements on our policy form. Realty tax coverage is included to reimburse for increased realty tax liability due to property loss. A Golf Course Coverage Enhancement is available, which provides coverage up to a certain limit to repair damaged greens, including debris removal, in the event of a property loss.

A Green Coverage Enhancement is another option for hotels that have made an investment to get certified as a “green” property. The coverage helps pay for the costs for a hotel to return to its “green” status after a loss, such as utilizing certain eco-friendly materials and other features in rebuilding or making repairs. Insureds can also purchase coverage to upgrade certain aspects of their facilities to go “green” after a loss.

Along with a comprehensive and broad Primary and Umbrella Hotel program, Distinguished  provides insureds with a dedicated claims management team that walks them through the entire claims process. Insureds know what to expect and have the benefit of speaking to one person during what is often a difficult situation following a loss.

For more information about our Primary Hotel program, please contact your Sales Executive.

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