The Case for Higher-Limit Hotel Umbrella Insurance

As an insurance broker, it’s important to understand the current litigious environment and the importance of offering high-limit Hotel Umbrella insurance to your clients. Hotels, in general, recognize the necessity of purchasing Commercial Umbrella insurance to extend their liability coverage in underlying policies such as General Liability. But what is key to driving home is the need for high-limit Hotel Umbrella insurance. It is critical in today’s litigious environment where nuclear verdicts and settlements are commonplace.

These claims, which resulted in millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, highlight the importance of having the right coverage in place. It also ensures that the policy liability limits truly reflect a hotel’s complete exposure. Scroll down to learn more about the importance of hotel insurance.

1. Security Negligence

A man was awarded millions of dollars in a negligent security settlement after he was injured during a robbery and assault incident at a Texas-based hotel.

2. Slip and Fall

A former Paralympian skier who previously won three gold medals skiing with a team using a prosthetic leg was a guest at a New Hampshire hotel when she stepped out of an elevator and slipped on a freshly mopped floor. She tripped and fell, landing on her right knee. Although she didn’t break any bones, she sustained permanent cartilage damage in her right knee, necessitating three surgeries. She is no longer able to ski standing up and is attempting to learn “sit-skiing.” The hotel reached an agreement for several millions of dollars.

3. Legionella

A guest was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary with her husband at a Las Vegas hotel when she inhaled Legionella bacteria while using the hotel’s jacuzzi. She was hospitalized shortly after and died only a week later. During discovery, it was determined the hotel was not only directly responsible for the woman’s death, but it was also aware of Legionella being present in its water system months before the victim’s stay. The victim’s family was awarded a multi-million-dollar settlement.

4. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

An incident recently made headline news when a man and woman were found dead in their room. Initial investigations suggested that the deaths were a result of high carbon monoxide. This prompted the fire department to conduct a test. Once the leak was confirmed, guests were then evacuated. One of the evacuated guests was taken to a hospital because he was exhibiting symptoms of exposure to carbon monoxide. Litigation against the hotel is highly likely.

Justifying Higher-Limit Hotel Umbrella Insurance

These and other cases show the extent of exposures hotels face and the high cost of litigation and ultimate settlements and verdicts, even if the establishment is not deemed to be responsible for an accident or loss. With the potential for multi-million-dollar settlements and the need for brand reputation management, having adequate insurance coverage is crucial. If the settlement amount exceeds the insurance limit, the hotel’s assets may be at risk.

Distinguished Programs offers Hotel Umbrella insurance with limits up to $170 million. Our coverage options are suitable for a range of hotel classifications, including luxury, full-service, boutique and condo-tels, select-service, business class, and midscale hotels. Ensure your hotel clients are protected against costly settlements with our high-limit umbrella insurance.

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