High Cost of a Pool Claim

For many, a community swimming pool is a small luxury that can bring family and friends together. But just like any other recreational area, there is always the risk of personal injury for those using the facilities. A pool claim can be costly to a community association. Emergency room visits for a near drowning victim can range from $75,000 for an emergency room visit to long-term care costing $250,000 a year. Cases have shown the cost of a near drowning resulting in brain damage exceeds more than $5.5 million. The death of a child due to drowning, in one instance, led to a settlement of $104 million.

To avoid a homeowner’s association being held financially liable if a claim arises, the managing board members of the association need to be diligent about managing rules and enforcing pool safety.

We’ve created a short whitepaper to demonstrate the high cost of a pool claim to share with your insureds.

High Cost Of A Pool Claim

Susan DeCarlo
VP, Program Manager