Focus on the Hotel Industry – The Rough Notes Company Inc.

While the growth of the travel and hospitality industries creates opportunities, it also poses increasing challenges.  Human trafficking and hotel shootings may not have been top concerns 10 or 20 years ago, but they have sadly and undoubtedly climbed up the ladder of major issues facing hotels in recent years.  Seeing how the privilege of hotel room privacy was blatantly abused in the Las Vegas shooting, we now need to reassess the tradeoffs between privacy and safety.  Though many hotels are providing some guest education at check-in, that’s just the starting point of addressing the variety of issues being faced more frequently these days.

Associate Vice President, Sean Young, talks with Rough Notes Magazine about issues and preventative measures property owners can take to protect themselves and their guests. Read the Rough Notes article here.

Focus On The Hotel Industry – The Rough Notes Company Inc.

Sean Young
Associate Vice President – Premier Umbrella Program Manager