Distinguished Rebrands Hospitality Umbrella Program to Reflect Different Niche Markets

Distinguished Programs has been insuring the hospitality industry for more than 25 years, providing high-limit Excess/Umbrella Liability coverage to protect against catastrophic losses. To better serve our agency partners looking for an Umbrella home for their accounts, we’ve rebranded our programs to reflect each market within the hospitality sector.

Our four distinct programs are: Distinguished Hotel Umbrella, Distinguished Resort Umbrella, Distinguished Casino Umbrella, and Distinguished City Clubs Umbrella.

“We wanted to further define, simplify and make it clearer to the agency community which of our Umbrella programs fit their client’s operation,” says Sean Young, VP, Hospitality Umbrella Product Manager. “For example, we insure many types of hotels – from limited service to midscale business hotels, upscale full service, franchised and non-franchised, condotels, and boutique hotels. All a broker has to do is send a submission to our Distinguished Hotel Umbrella program and we will fit the appropriate insurance program to the type of risk.”

The Distinguished Resort Umbrella covers any type of resort – from operations that include golf and/or tennis facilities to those with family activities and full-service amenities.

Casinos with hotels and stand-alone casinos are covered under the Distinguished Casino Umbrella program. “Over the last couple of years, while many programs and carriers have backed away from casino exposure, we have expanded to be able to write stand-alone casinos without hotel room exposure,” posits Sean. “This is an exciting program segment that we do well with, having coverage and a rating basis that are targeted to meeting the specific needs of casinos.”

The Distinguished City Clubs Umbrellas is designed for fraternal clubs, typically Ivy League clubs, such as the Harvard Club, and more. Most of these clubs are located in urban areas and are historic.

Distinguished continues its strong commitment to helping the hospitality industry mitigate and transfer its risks.