Creating a Work-Life Balance That Works

Work-life balance doesn’t have to be an oxymoron.

Long hours, fixed schedules, different demands from guests, all while being part of a team that demands smooth operation 24/7 at Mach 1o speed? That sounds like the life of many in hospitality.

Toss in peak season changes, staff shortages, training needs, and the varying range of employee skill levels, and work-life balance can get, well, a little unbalanced. Addressing this for hospitality industry professionals can be vital for both the well-being of staff and the improved operation of the facility.

Companies that offer a recognizable work-life balance and flexible scheduling options may have the edge over competing employers. And, they may have a larger pool of talent to select from and be able to retain seasoned staff to run the business well.

Here are three ways to begin assessing your company’s work-life equilibrium…or lack thereof:

  • Listen to Staff: A walking tour to listen to staff is a great idea. Just listen, to start. Another way is to create a free employee engagement survey on SurveyMonkey. CEB offers some tips on what questions to include.
  • Motivate the Staff & Role Model: After assessing the company climate, keep the dialogue going. Communication check-ins help create an environment where staff feel that they belong and that they are contributing. Managers can step in during stressful times and role model how to handle challenging situations. Being visible and proactive can go a long way in boosting motivation.
  • Assess the Schedule: Does the schedule need some tweaking or maybe a big overhaul? What alternatives can you offer to staffers who may be having a hard time juggling work with their other personal commitments? Is the staff schedule too traditional and is turnover high? How is flex-time working?

Burnout can be the end product of a job with too little work-life balance. And burnout typically leads to turnover. What could be better than to end the cycle, and make the place where many spend the lives work just a little better for everyone.