From the Claim Files: Backup of Sewer and Drain

The Claim: It’s a hot summer morning, and you wake up with the feeling that something is not right. In fact, you don’t just think it… you smell it. It’s awful! And as you open the door to the basement, your suspicions are confirmed when you see all of your boxes, bins, and treasures floating in two feet of… well let’s just say… really gross liquid. The heavy rains from the night before, combined with a blockage in the sewer line have resulted in your basement serving as a big gross bowl of sewer soup.

There are two possible outcomes here:
1) You and your insurance agent selected a policy that included full limits coverage for back-up of sewer and drain.  Now you need only submit the claim, and let the insurance company do the rest; clean up the mess, replace the damaged materials, and help you get to the root of the problem (depending on whether it’s yours or the city’s).
2) You grab a bucket and curse yourself and your insurance agent for not adding this coverage to  your policy.

The Coverage: Backup of Sewer and Drain is coverage that can be added to your building’s insurance package, usually for a nominal fee, that covers damage resulting from water (or other liquid) invading the property from under the ground.

For more information about our City Homes program, which includes back-up of sewer and drain coverage for no additional cost, click here.