A Boutique Cereal Restaurant Comes to Times Square

A Boutique Cereal Restaurant Comes To Times Square

Times Square: The once seedy hub of adult entertainment in midtown is hardly recognizable as tourists make their way to a plethora of box chain clothing stores and restaurants. The newest addition: a niche self-branded restaurant to boost the sales of cereal for Kellogg’s — welcome, Kellogg’s NYC.

A Boutique Cereal Restaurant Comes To Times SquareThe store occupies a midblock retail space along Broadway around the corner from our offices and two blocks shy of the popular red Tkts staircase at 47th Street and Broadway. The sun-drenched interior is polished and modern, yet whimsical and inviting. We visited the store (who could resist?!) and noticed patrons enjoying a variety of unique combination of cereal and “foodie” ingredients like rosemary and lemon zest that would surely leave you with a sense of nostalgia for your childhood, while also tapping into the last meal you enjoyed or heard friends brag about from a notable restaurateur.

A Boutique Cereal Restaurant Comes To Times Square“You never know whether these things are going to be a success or failure,” Mr. Stanton, a food-marketing specialist at St. Joseph’s University, said. “But you have to give Kellogg’s credit for trying to do something different in a category that’s dying.” The restaurant/cafe is certainly an interesting addition to the other food choices in the area and an adventurous move to craft a boutique restaurant and distinct dining experiences. Read more at NYTimes.com.