What We’re Reading

What We’re ReadingA collection of some of the interesting articles, interviews, and stories we’ve been reading lately.

Hotel sustainability: What is and isn’t working
November 9, 2015
“Research into whether or not guests are willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly hospitality remains inconclusive. What is clear, according to Ricaurte, is that hotels are getting the messaging of sustainability wrong during delivery to the guest.”
Hotel Management

Hotels Cater to Millennials and Update Tech
November 16, 2015
“According to research from MMGY Global, 24 percent of millennials planned to take more overnight leisure trips in 2015 than in 2014, and 60 percent would rather spend their money on experiences than on material things. And hotels are taking note.”
TravelAge West

Scarce Labor Drives Construction Costs for Multifamily Developers
November 17, 2015
“The U.S. economy is relatively strong—at least compared to the rest of the world. From Asia to Europe, economies around the world have struggled this year, driving down demand for products bought and sold on the global market, from oil and steel to concrete. But here in the U.S., unemployment is low. The price of labor needed to build large projects is high and rising, often wiping out the cost benefit of cheaper materials.”
-National Real Estate Investor Online

Outlook for Responsible Property Investment
November 23, 2015
“Quantifying social benefits has been the greatest challenge for those trying to implement responsible property investment practices. It depends on what type of social benefit the investor is trying to achieve and how [the investor] measures success.”
-National Real Estate Investor Online

Via Takeouts or M&A, More Hotel Deals Coming
November 24, 2015
“The Marriott International deal to acquire Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide for $12.2 billion is a harbinger of further consolidation in the lodging sector, as well as an example of a trend toward greater scale as a means to compete against alternative channels such as Airbnb.”