Brownstone Insurance: Brooklyn Guide

Brownstone Insurance: Brooklyn Guide

Brandy, an Alabama native, just moved to Brooklyn and purchased a beautiful brownstone with landscaped window boxes and a gourmet kitchen with marble countertops. Having previously owned a traditional colonial home in Birmingham, Brandy expects to purchase standard homeowner’s insurance to cover her new home. But it would be a mistake not to consider other options.

Distinguished’s New York Brick & Brownstone program is tailor-made for risks associated with living in a brownstone property. Unlike traditional homeowners’ policies, the program covers flooding, equipment breakdown, building ordinances, earthquake damage, and sewer backup coverage, all on one single policy. Developed specifically for smaller New York habitational properties, the program is open to owner- or tenant-occupied properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens—which makes it a perfect fit for Brandy.

With our Brick & Brownstone program, Brandy will have the flexibility to select the coverages and limits she needs to properly insure her brownstone, unlike a traditional homeowner’s policy, which forces set limits on a policy. She can insure her new home for a high value, select an appropriate personal property limit, and opt in for business income and additional living expense coverage that she might need in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

When customers like Brandy come across your path, make sure you know how a program tailored specifically to owners of brick and brownstone homes can benefit them. Find out more about Distinguished’s New York Brick and Brownstone coverage, including key advantages and eligibility.

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