Veterans in Our Workplace

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that there will be more than 3.5 million military veterans in the United States workforce by 2023. As a company committed to hiring qualified veterans in all areas of our workplace, we see the value of Veterans. From sales leaders like Greg Somers to President of Programs James Flynn, Distinguished employs veterans across all levels of the business. We don’t have a policy, but we definitely have a point of view.

For Distinguished, hiring veterans is not just about increasing diversity; it is about recognizing the skills these men and women bring to the table, from valuable technical abilities to strong leadership skills. Not to mention the great organizational and supervisory skills, accountability, and integrity that is common among vets. Their unique skillset and perspective make them well-positioned to thrive in business careers, making them an asset to employers.

How to Be a Veteran-Friendly Company

Employers looking to hire veterans must determine whether or not their company and its culture is veteran-friendly. According to a Washington Post survey of veterans in the workplace, about half of respondents said their colleagues made assumption about them that were not true, like that they have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or are politically conservative. Whether consciously or not, many people stereotype military veterans. By creating an inclusive workplace and actively dispelling these myths, employers can create a more veteran-friendly workplace.

Employers looking to hire veterans need to also ensure that the position has a clear purpose and the values of the company are well defined. The military in general is mission-driven. Those who serve know what they are working towards and have clear goals for performance — and they carry the same mindset into their civilian life.  Employers can appeal to this mission mindset by being transparent about their company goals and outlining how each individual fits in.

An important part of attracting prospective veteran hires is targeting them directly. Create a page that affirms your company’s understanding and appreciation of veterans that shares whatever special programs or resources your company provides. Advertise on job websites that are focused for veterans or LinkedIn groups for veterans. In the hiring process be mindful too that veterans may seem distant due to their respect for authority. Be proactive and encourage veterans to fully embrace their civilian job role.  

Here at Distinguished, we will continue to seek the special skills sets that veterans bring to the table and facilitate job opportunities for those who have served our country.

Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you to all Veterans for their service.