Trick-or-Treat Safety for Community Associations

While individual homeowners may choose to partake in Halloween festivities however they see fit, community association owners have a responsibility to try to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The most widely-known Halloween activity — trick-or-treating — is expected to look different this fall in the wake of the pandemic. Below are a few trick-or-treat safety tips to share with community association members to ensure a safe night for all.

Be Aware of Risk Categories

The CDC has released a set of guidelines that rank traditional Halloween festivities as low, medium, or high risk. While these guidelines should be considered when planning out Halloween celebrations, it is important to note that they do not replace any state or local health and safety laws. After reviewing the various activities outlined as low, medium, or high risk by the CDC, be sure to assess your own community’s COVID-19 levels.

Steer Clear of Indoor Gatherings

No matter how serious your community’s COVID-19 levels are, indoor gatherings are best to avoid this Halloween. While indoor dining and events are increasing in multiple states, people are required to remain six feet apart and wear masks at all times. For young and eager trick-or-treaters, this might be difficult to enforce. If your client does choose to host an indoor gathering at a community association this year, focus on minimizing the number of guests and ensure that space has plenty of ventilation.

Go as Contactless as Possible

Candy pick-ups are getting creative this year. Your typical door-to-door trick-or-treating process should be revised to avoid contact as much as possible. Drive-thru candy pick-ups and “trunk-or-treating” are a couple of innovative ways to remain outside, pick up individually wrapped candy bags, and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Don’t Forget Your Mask

Creative costumes can still make an appearance this Halloween — as long as facemasks are factored into the equation. As a holiday that encourages spooky and innovative get-ups, face masks can easily be worn by community association members to complete their looks (and stop the spread!) Aside from encouraging mask-wearing, consider incorporating them into the fun by hosting a decorative face mask content. Whether your clients’ community association members are taking part in a virtual get together or a contactless candy giveaway, trick-or-treaters can still enjoy the holiday and celebrate safely.

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