Toxic Handlers in the Workplace

They are comforting. Their door is always open. And the stress being that way is taking it’s toll on their work and their health. They are what authors Sandra L. Robinson and Kira Schabram have labeled as “toxic handlers,” in today’s Harvard Business Review article entitled “When You’re the Person Your Colleagues Always Vent To”.

Chances are, you either are one of these burden-bearers, or you know the person who is. They’re like a beacon on a rocky shore, with an “always open” sign, and an unspoken promise to provide rational and sound advice and counseling.

But as Robinson and Schabram point out, serving as this rock solid sage can take it’s toll on the comfort-givers. Loss of productivity and increased stress are just the beginning.

Read on to find out if you are one of these folks, and if so, how to keep yourself healthy and happy.