A F(RIGHT)ening Claim Story

In honor of Halloween week, we’re sharing one of the claims that came in to our City Homes program that really gave the insured a fright. And while it didn’t include any zombies or ghouls, it definitely rattled a few chains!

On a cold, dark night in early November, snow and ice glazed the sidewalks up and down the block. Tired building owners shuffled out at first light to make sure their patches of sidewalk were cleared and salted. All but one, that is. Our insured, who we’ll call Mr. Smith, is the non-resident owner of small apartment building. He decided to sleep in that morning, confident that his son would shovel the sidewalk in his stead. (Cue the thunder clap.) Junior had been out all night and hadn’t woken up to shovel the walk. So when a young woman slipped on that very patch of snow, the only un-cleared area on the block, it didn’t take her lawyer very long to find Mr. Smith’s name and address, and serve him with her medical bills for her torn rotator cuff and spinal injuries.

We’re happy to report that the young woman’s injuries are healing well, and that Mr. Smith has both a package policy and an umbrella policy with us. So while they’ve both had a terrible scare, we’re helping to make the claim process a lot less of a fright.

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