ReSource Pro Donates PPE to the Hardest Hit Hospitals and Nursing Homes

As some of you may know, ReSource Pro provides operational solutions to the insurance industry. And more recently, they’ve also been providing much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals and nursing homes across the country.

With service delivery centers in China, ReSource Pro first became aware of a virus breaking out in Wuhan in early January. While none of their offices were close to the epicenter, it was still clear to the company that they needed to help protect their employees and their families. Immediately, ReSource Pro management implemented their business continuity plan, and put together a team to source PPE for their employees.

Nikki Jason, VP Marketing, said, “We started trying to source PPE from all over the world. Initially, we were focused on supporting our colleagues in China, trying to get them as much help and protection as possible, we really didn’t consider that about six weeks later, our focus would shift to the need in the US.”.

By sourcing early, ReSource Pro was able to secure a significant amount of PPE. As the need in China waned, it grew in the US. Having gained valuable experience navigating the outbreak in China, the ReSource Pro team began working with employees, clients and government agencies to identify hospitals and nursing homes in the US that most needed PPE.

To date, the company is supporting some of the hardest hit nursing homes and hospitals on the East Coast and in the Midwest with tens of thousands of PPE units, including protective body suits and masks.  

It’s people and companies like ReSource Pro that are making a real difference and showing what ‘coming together’ really means.