Reaching Out to Millennials at Rutgers

Rewarding? Lucrative? Cool? Yep, a career in insurance can be all of these things and more!

Introducing the next generation to the insurance industry is the mission of Distinguished’s Millennial Outreach Committee and an important part of our company’s future success. This summer, we were invited to present for the second time at Rutgers Business School, lead by Ron Richter.  While there, Distinguished promoted the insurance industry as a career choice for prospective business grads looking to join the workforce in the next 3-5 years.

According to Distinguished Sales Exec Tyler Nickels, 50 up-and-coming business students were exposed to various companies, including those with a focus on Technology and Investments. Despite the students’ interest in business, almost none had considered insurance as a possible career when Distinguished polled the group!

It was a great moment for Distinguished to highlight the diverse choices in insurance during Rutgers’ third annual Summer Business Camp for juniors and seniors in high school. We drew parallels from our industry and everyday life, including exciting industries like the film and entertainment industry. Said Nickels, “Many students thought Finance or Investments would be their career path. Little did they know that you can have a career in the insurance industry with a Finance or Investment focus.”

According to Nickels, after the 90-minute presentation, the students were well-schooled in insurance industry opportunities, regardless of one’s background, personality type, experience, or interests. The team helped students understand the various career paths within the insurance industry, including everything from sales to underwriting to IT. It was
a great to addition to Rutgers’ week-long intensive that showcased the ins and outs of business careers to eager listeners.

Distinguished’s Millennial Outreach Committee is proud to work with schools like Rutgers, and we look forward to highlighting the possibilities for rewarding and lucrative careers to more millennials.

Special appreciation goes out to the DP Cares Committee, Renée McFadden, and Helen English for making this a success.