Q&A with Helen English

Q&a With Helen EnglishHelen English is President of Distinguished’s Express Division, which focuses on fast, accurate online processing of real estate and hospitality accounts. As one of the company’s veteran employees, Helen’s experience across all areas of our business, along with her leadership, enthusiasm, and thirst for knowledge are truly inspiring to her team and have helped shape Distinguished Express into the successful business that it is today.

Are there key decisions that you’ve made along the way that if you had done differently you wouldn’t be here right now?
I decided to go back to college when my kids were tiny because I suddenly realized they were going to grow up. I needed to LEARN MORE STUFF and I just loved learning! I majored in economics because I liked math and liked stories to go with math.  I spent a number of years back in school and still remember the immense pride I felt when they handed me the diploma – WOW! It was my launch pad.

Who is your favorite person to follow on social media?
My son is the digital Editor-in-Chief at Mental Floss, a fabulous website. He is clever and funny and it is so cool to get to follow him on social media along with hundreds of other fans.  His wife tells me he gets recognized on the street which just makes me laugh out loud!

Where’s your favorite place you’ve ever lived and why?
Belmar, New Jersey is my favorite place in the world right now.  We have a tiny house about a half mile from the beach and escape to the shore every weekend all year round.  I love to ride my (purple) beach bike and take long walks along the shore.  Peaceful and calm mixed in with joyful family times.  I love to garden and my flowers as I write this are exploding with color!