The Importance of Program Stability in Real Estate Umbrella Insurance

The hard insurance market over the last several years has been characterized by rate increases, diminished capacity, and carriers exiting certain niche markets and lines of business. This has caused challenges for retail agents in finding a home for new business and renewals. Real Estate Umbrella insurance, like most product lines, hasn’t been spared from the hard-market cycle. Therefore, it’s a real find and keep when a stable, niche-focused, successful program exists that you can rely on for your clients and to expand your book of business.

Innovator, Leader in Real Estate Umbrella Insurance

Distinguished Programs is recognized for creating the first Real Estate Umbrella Liability purchasing group. Initially established in 1987, our program is the longest-running of its kind. The program’s success is based on its stability, underwriting integrity, and long-standing relationships that have helped us foster trust and confidence within the insurance community – from our retail agency partners and their clients to our carrier partners.

Insurance Carrier Longevity

The top-tier lead Real Estate Umbrella carrier in our program has been with us for more than 14 years, reflecting the faith and trust it has in our program management, underwriting authority, and ability to consistently deliver underwriting profitability. This in turn invites Excess carriers to participate in the Umbrella policy to build the necessary tower in order to meet a client’s insurance requirements and address exposures.

Without program stability in both the program manager and carrier, you see competitors entering the space and underpricing the market. In time, they’ll exit the space due to rate inadequacy and unprofitability. The program closes down completely or in certain geographic locations, leaving agents and their clients searching for alternatives.

Data Analysis and Management Strengthens a Program

Specialization in a niche market also strengthens a program. Resources are dedicated to build and grow a strong underwriting staff supported by actuaries who analyze trends and data to ensure rates properly reflect exposures.

The Distinguished Real Estate Umbrella program was designed for condominiums, apartments/rentals, HOAs, co-ops, PUDs, strip malls, office buildings, indoor malls, and other properties. We have a national footprint and offer Umbrella limits up to $140 million.

About Distinguished Programs
Distinguished Programs is a leading national insurance Program Manager providing specialized insurance programs to brokers and agents with specific expertise in Real Estate, Community Associations, Hotels, and Restaurants. Property and liability products are distributed through a national network of agents and brokers. Serving the same core markets and partnering with the most stable and reputable carriers, Distinguished Programs’ high-limit umbrella programs remain the clear choice in its areas of specialty for superior coverage, competitive pricing, and attentive service. Through thoughtful innovation, stemming back to 1995, Distinguished Programs fosters growth and opportunities for its brokers, carriers, and employees.

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