No one wants to read this story. It’s horrifying. The families involved are surely experiencing a pain that none of us should ever know. But there is a lesson to be learned. Actually, there are a couple. First and foremost, drunk or “buzzed” driving can take and ruin lives in a matter of minutes. No one is a “good drunk driver.” No distance is short enough to get home safely when your judgement is impaired.

And the pain doesn’t end there. The young lady, now sitting in prison, was served by the hotel where she worked, and that hotel is now in a mountain of trouble as well. We were going to make this a lesson about liquor liability for hotels. And while that stuff is important too, it won’t ever prevent drunk driving and the pain that comes with it.

We’ll stop lecturing now, but please, please, please, take care of each other, especially when alcohol is involved. Read more at www.thenewstribune.com.