Museum Insurance: Protection for Your Client’s Entire Collection

Museums have plenty of exposures to worry about, from liability concerns to typical property damage like vandalism or fires. However, nothing is more valuable to a museum than the objects they display.

Not only do these objects often have cultural and historical importance, but they’re also the lifeblood of these museums and cultural institutions. That’s why museum clients can’t just get any old coverage to insure their collections — they need specialty fine art and collectibles insurance from insurance companies who understand what unique protections these pieces need.

When you partner with Distinguished, you get access to our Fine Art and Collectibles program, which has been built specifically for clients across the fine art world. With Distinguished Programs, you can offer policies that work for everyone, from private collectors to the most prestigious museums. 

Want to learn more? Check out our Fine Art and Collectibles program page, or read on to see how we can help you with your museum and cultural institution clients.

What Kinds of Museums or Institutions Can We Cover?

At Distinguished, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our coverage, which allows us to insure a broad array of museums and cultural institutions. Our Fine Art and Collectibles program can provide coverage for:

  • Private or public museums
  • Art museums
  • Historical home museums
  • Historical societies
  • Natural history museums
  • Science museums
  • Public art
  • Outdoor sculptures for states, counties, cities, and municipalities
  • University museums with unique historical or art collections
  • Libraries with special collections

What Coverages Do We Offer?

Our Fine Art and Collectibles insurance program is perfect for protecting all valuables and exhibits your client’s museum has on display, or in storage, around the world. 

Our museum insurance coverage extends to:

  • Owned permanent collections
  • Short and long-term loaned objects
  • Outdoor sculptures, installations, and commissioned works
  • Art reference libraries

Plus, our policies come with art transit insurance. That means if your client needs to move one of their pieces or bring in a loan from another museum, those pieces are covered even if they’re damaged in a warehouse or in transit.

What Determines the Price of Museum Insurance?

When it comes to any insurance product, there’s no such thing as a blanket price. This is especially true when insuring museums, as every policy must be tailored to fit that particular museum’s unique exposures and collections. 

For this reason, our policy pricing is based on a variety of considerations, including:

  • Collection type: The owned objects of the museum or institution that need to be insured
  • Coverage preferences: Some museums want blanket coverage for their entire collection, while others opt to only insure incoming exhibitions or property of others on loan to the institution
  • Collection valuation: The overall value of the collection being insured
  • Deductible: The chosen deductible amount
  • Location: The location of the collection, and its associated risk factors, such as susceptibility to natural disasters
  • Loss history: A history demonstrating responsible stewardship can positively affect the final cost of the policy
  • Transit considerations: The frequency and manner in which the objects are moved and transported contribute to the policy cost, as transit poses significant and unique risks to collections

Why Partner With Distinguished For Your Museum Clients?

Partnering with Distinguished for your museum clients ensures access to a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored to the unique insurance needs of the fine art and collectibles industry, including: 

  • Affordable deductibles: Policies come with deductibles starting at just $1,000, and we also offer a $0 deductible option for incoming loans. This offers your museum clients more flexibility with their policies.
  • Worldwide coverage: We offer coverage that spans the globe, offering peace of mind no matter where the exhibits are located or transported.
  • Policy flexibility: We understand that the specific needs of your clients can change. That’s why we offer flexibility in policy limits throughout the term, allowing for planned exhibitions, including provisions for shipping and warehousing. 
  • Art-loving expertise: Our underwriting and claims teams comprise not just insurance experts but also passionate art and museum lovers. We understand the intrinsic value of the pieces your clients wish to protect and are committed to doing everything we can to ensure their preservation.
  • Customer-focused service: We aim to offer an unparalleled level of service to both you and your clients. Our customer-centric approach means we’re dedicated to making processes quicker, easier, and more efficient. We’re here to make your job simpler and your clients happier.

Partner With Distinguished Today

To begin providing your clients with the comprehensive coverage offered by Distinguished’s Fine Art and Collectibles program, your first step is registering your agency. Once that’s complete, simply fill in an application form, and will get back to you promptly.

If you have any other queries about our Fine Art and Collectibles Insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or visit our Museum Insurance product page for more information.

Museum Insurance FAQs

Will this policy cover our museum collection while in an off-site storage location or traveling on exhibition?

Yes, our museum insurance will cover property wherever located worldwide (except as prohibited by law). Still, we will want to list any of your permanent locations, like owned or rented storage facilities, on your policy.

Does this policy cover objects on loan to our museum or just our owned collection?

This policy will cover both your owned collection and items on loan to your museum. Typically, there is no deductible for items on loan to you. Our expert team is equipped to handle complex situations like promised gifts and jointly owned objects as well.

Will this museum policy also cover my real property and general and professional liability?

Our museum insurance policy is designed to insure your collection specifically. You will still need to carry policies for your real property and liability coverages.

What about losses to display cases or exhibit signage?

We will cover frames, crates, display cases, signage, exhibits, and packing materials.

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