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LinkedIn Offers the Insurance Industry More

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn in the insurance industry not only builds connections, but it grows your business. If you’re using it the right way.

LinkedIn continues to be the world’s largest professional business networking platform—with 660+ million users in 200+ countries.

Understanding LinkedIn’s power—and more importantly, how insurance brokers can benefit from it—is as important now as when LinkedIn launched in 2003.

Build Your Book of Biz

LinkedIn isn’t just a place to post your e-resume and connect with people. For insurance brokers, it’s a fab tool for digital selling. And it’s all in the presentation, the networking, and the follow-through. Keeping your account active and alive (busy with posts) is key.

Instead of going straight for the sell, brokers that repeatedly share content that addresses the issues their clients are searching for set themselves apart. LinkedIn groups connected to the insurance industry, and broken down by geographic region, are a great place to stay active.

Quick Profile Overhaul

It’s important to periodically revise your LinkedIn profile so it’s up-to-date and showcasing all the latest and greatest features you’ve got to offer. That way, when you start posting more, commenting more, and connecting more in groups—your profile that others check out is as strong as the communications you’re pushing.

Make sure these elements are conveying the essentials:

Professional profile pic? If it’s not professionally shot, you look, well, unprofessional.

Bangin’ banner? The banner is a must-have, so make sure your company logo is visible and stands out.

Happenin’ headline? The best way to use your headline is to draw people in based on how you will help them. The headline is there to make them want to read more.

Stellar summary? Here’s the make-or-break moment. New viewers should be able to see your accomplishments quickly and have access to links that showcase your quality. Sometimes less is more, so keep it succinct for maximum effect.

Excellent experience? Dive deep here but also provide LOTS of real-life examples. Rather than listing standard skills, make sure each skill is backed up by a tangible example from your history.

Enough recs? If your recommendations are old or too few, request some new from your connections to beef up that area. How about endorsements? These are different than written recommendations but are a great way for new clients to see how many people give you a thumbs-up.

Make sure every element of your profile has been filled out, and check for errors. LinkedIn also offers monthly packages to boost your visibility.

Make Quality Connections

Add quality connections to your network. A large number of connections is great, but a strong pool of quality connectors is even better.

Make sure you search for connections whom can use your specific services. Spend a little time connecting first- and second-degree connections to open up communication paths. Learn about your connections, check in, and congratulate them on their achievements.

Share, Share Away

Staying visible and relevant doesn’t mean that each person has to constantly create original content. While each individual rep may not be creating their own articles and acting as thought leaders, they can certainly get some skin in the game by becoming thought “sharers.”

Do your clients or does your company put out a reliable blog? Share it! Link to the articles on LinkedIn, Tweet it on Twitter, and get the word out there! Take advantage of your connections’ knowledge by sharing their blogs and posts on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a tool that evolves and grows every year. Through networking, sharing of info, and continued business building, LinkedIn will keep being relevant for the insurance industry. The more it’s accessed, the more it can pay off.