Introducing Distinguished Cellars

Introducing Distinguished Cellars

We’re excited to launch a new event series this year called Distinguished Cellars. What might a national insurance program manager have to do with a wine cellar? Well, nothing. Other than the fact that we appreciate and enjoy great food, wine, and reverie.

It all started when Distinguished Group CEO Jeremy Hitzig, a wine enthusiast, started planning his own BYO wine dinners in New York City. The idea behind these dinners was simple: bring together a group of friends for an evening of great food and conversation, and oh yeah, try out a few different wines while we’re at it.

Now, we’re taking these wine dinners on the road. We pick the venue, cuisine, and theme for the evening and invite a dozen friends, customers, or partners to join us. The only requirement of our guests is to bring a favorite bottle of wine and be ready to have a fun evening.

We kicked off the year with an event in Jersey City at Mana Contemporary, an 1890’s tobacco warehouse that has been converted into a leading arts destination with artist workshops, exhibition spaces, ballet studios, and so forth. Now we’re off to Denver, Colorado where we’ll be discussing current market trends and the unique needs of millennial brokers. We look forward to sharing stories and insights from these events with you!

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