Insurance Career Advancement with Easy Insurance Designations

While the most commonly known designation is the Chartered Property Casualty Exam (CPCU), The Insititutes offers a plethora of education trajectories that will help you grow in your knowledge of the industry, and maybe even score a new job. Check out these tips for approaching insurance designations and gaining more experience.

Make the Choice to Expand Your Insurance Industry Knowledge

The first step in your insurance career advancement? Choosing to prepare for and take a designation exam! Setting a goal to climb an industry’s corporate ladder is admirable, but when it comes to insurance, there isn’t a “mandatory” course needed to do so. That’s where deciding to absorb more knowledge through designations comes into play. To make yourself more marketable and work as an experienced industry pro, learning as much as you can is the only approach. No shortcuts!

Narrow down the Best Designation(s) for Your Career Goals

In our blog, 4 Steps to Beat the CPCU Exams, you’ll find smart study tips to mull over when working towards a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter certification. However, it’s important to first decide which designations(s) would serve you the most in expanding your insurance knowledge. The CPCU is often referred to as the “CPA of the insurance industry”, as it is thought of as a universal designation fit for most insurance professionals. But don’t overlook other insurance designations that will also help you expand your capabilities — and even set yourself apart from competing candidates when interviewing for a specific role or promotion.

Create a Thoughtful Study Plan

Again, there is no one set designation that must be achieved in the insurance industry in order to get hired. That being said, your study and training program must be mapped out accordingly. For example, the CPCU designation requires an average of two to three years of preparation to become certified. This includes passing eight exams with a minimum score of 70% on each. However, if you choose to become an Associate in Insurance Data Analytics — your course load and subject matter would look totally different. Your interests, desired career move, and schedule are all factors to consider when coming up with a study plan alongside your chosen designation.

Go into Test Day Fully Confident

Thankfully, The Institutes makes it almost impossible to show up to exam day unprepared. Each designation has its own page on the website which includes practice exams, course load rundowns, and total requirement details. You can even check out pages dedicated to “What You Can Expect On Test Day” that will answer all of your registration questions or concerns.