Express Umbrella Insurance Q+A [Webinar Recording]

We enjoyed talking with insurance brokers during our latest webinar, a 30-minute session entitled, “Build Your Business: Community Association & Small Real Estate Umbrella Coverage.”

Watch the full webinar recording below:

Our attendees challenged us with questions that went right to the heart of their current business issues. The session covered a broad range of topics including costs, concerns, and timelines. We discussed how the current economic climate is impacting umbrellas and offered lessons learned from our top-performing programs.

Our attendees learned why their Small Real Estate and Community Association clients need Umbrella Insurance. They also learned what the experts look for when you submit Express Umbrella business.

Download the webinar slides here
View the Q + A’s from attendees here

Ritchie Vener, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Distinguished Programs

Barbara Bartson is the Managing Vice President, Program Manager, Community Associations at Distinguished Programs. With over 25 years of Commercial Insurance experience, Barb Bartson has focused her underwriting career on excess liability. Prior to joining Distinguished Programs in 2017, she underwrote for two national carriers: Great American Insurance and Liberty Mutual. Her roles included Production Underwriter, AVP Excess Liability Underwriting Manager, Product Management Consultant and VP Program Underwriting Manager. Currently, she assumes the responsibility of overseeing underwriting integrity and profitability for the Programs Group within Distinguished Programs.

Pat Bruen is the Product Manager of Community Associations at Distinguished Programs. Pat brings forty-one years of diverse commercial property and casualty insurance experience in Underwriting, Marketing, Claims, and Program Management with a concentration in Commercial Real Estate and Community Association insurance. He offers our attendees decades of expertise and a strong track record of building, growing, and improving profitability, performance and value

Chris Larson is the Product Manager of Express Umbrella at Distinguished Programs. Chris is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and began his career as a Commercial Lines Underwriter for Sentry Insurance. Chris joined Distinguished in 2017 with a background in underwriting, and since joining has underwritten both new business and renewal accounts in accordance with Distinguished’s underwriting and program guidelines for three different programs within Distinguished. He excels at working with retail brokers and carriers to meet their servicing needs and standards.

Distinguished Programs is a leading national insurance Program Manager providing specialized insurance programs for Real Estate, Community Associations, Hotels, and Restaurants. Serving the same core markets and partnering with the most stable and reputable carriers, Distinguished Programs’ high-limit umbrella and primary insurance programs remain the clear choice in its areas of specialty for superior coverage, competitive pricing, and attentive service.

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