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Email Campaign Ideas for Insurance Agents

Unlike other industries, the insurance industry serves people in their toughest moments. Building rapport with customers during better times is especially important for insurance companies for this reason.

A great way to do this is through email. Email campaigns not only allow you to reach out to new prospects, they also help to improve client retention by building relationships with existing customers. Furthermore, email campaigns are easy to use and low cost. We previously provided tips for crafting an email, and today we will take it one step further by giving you ideas for different types of campaigns.

The Newsletter

A newsletter, something that’s a regular communication between you and your list, is not technically a campaign but is a powerful use of email nonetheless. A good newsletter is not a collection of sales pieces — they are informative, interesting, and even entertaining to clients. Send your clients articles that are relevant to their lives, or write your own. Keep them in the loop on product updates, your business, and more. The goal here is to provide content that is useful.


Welcome emails tell your clients that you are excited to serve them and that they actually matter to you. These can help improve client retention. Your email does not need to be long or fancy, but be personal (try to use a service that can automatically insert names, or manually do so yourself) and succinct. If you regularly send newsletters or updates, this is the perfect opportunity to make them aware of what they should expect from you in the future.

Standard Promotional Campaign

Chances are you have a few dozen promotional emails in your inbox as you are reading this. Rather than sending several unrelated emails promoting products or services, create a progressive, unified campaign where each email builds off the previous one. Spice up your traditional promotions with humor, emotion, and attention-grabbing imagery.

Thank You

This type of campaign is relevant to those who produce regular newsletters. Whether you have a pop-up on your website or a paper sign up sheet, make sure to thank people for joining your newsletter. They are taking time out of their day to subscribe, so it is important to be responsive and appreciative. Make sure your contact information is clear so clients can easily reach out to you.

Happy Birthday

While you may not be able to provide customers with a birthday promotion for a free cupcake, recognizing it conveys the same sense of concern. Practically everyone loves getting well wishes on their birthday. Let your clients know you are thinking of them on this special day.


Important policy dates may be circled and starred on your calendar, but not your clients’. Sending reminders ensures that these important dates are top of mind for clients. Remind them repeatedly, though not too much, of renewal dates, open enrollment, or whatever else might be relevant to your agency.

Take advantage of this low-cost, yet highly effective tool for building your customer base and retaining your existing one. While email campaigns can be tricky and time-consuming, keep it simple by using automation when possible and keeping your workload manageable.